1. What is P2F?

P2F refers to decentralized Person-to-Financial institution products which utilize blockchain technology. P2F is a much lower risk, more reliable and more reasonable financial solution than traditional P2P, P2B, and P2I financial instruments. As P2F financiers are formal banks, securities, insurance and other financial institutions, finαncial institutions have complete risk control measures. This therefore guarantees the security of capital and stability of income.

2. What are the advantages of the Beevault P2F system?

The key feature of BEEVAULT’s P2F system is that it pays investment interest without locking the wallets of investors. Other staking systems control investor’s wallets, so we are much more rational than them. In addition, the foundation is a financial company which uses investors' assets as a second investment, and the Al investment helps prevent a sharp decline, thereby generating a much more stablereturn. It is also based on a blockchain system which is highly reliable.

3. How can I get interest income if I use the Beevault app?

The BEEVAULT platform does not control your assets. The only reason for keeping assets on the platform is the fact that it pays hourly. There is a transparent service which allows you to check the revenue charts which are announced hourly in real-time.

4. How is the BEEVAULT app in terms of convenience and security?

The BEEVAULT platform makes it very eαsy to sign up αnd customize wallets. In addition, a simple security system allows customers to operate assets easily and safely. The simple security system utilizes biometric authentication, a PIN, and a pattern which are convenient and can be used based on the tastes of each individual user. A minimal amount of information is handled on the platform and information is all safely stored on the blockchain with a decentralized system.